About us

Based in Brussels, GAMING1​ is an ultra-dynamic and innovative company resulting from the partnership between one of the most prestigious web agencies in Europe and a large land-based casino group.

Unique expertise

The exclusive blend of the digital know-how of a renowned web agency concentrating more than 50 online specialists combined with the 30 years of gaming experience of a major entertainment group confers on GAMING1 unique expertise in the world of online gaming. This expertise allows it to perfectly target the expectations of players. GAMING1​ is also recognised for its ability to create machines with “cutting edge” design and technology.

A different offering

The usual online gaming offering does not take into account the specific characteristics of local markets and leaves to one side a wide range of games of chance enjoyed by players in land-based establishments.

GAMING1 provides an answer which deals with this problem and enables its clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors by offering their players, games that they are familiar with through their existence in land-based establishments.

A team of professionals

GAMING1 numbers more than 50 experienced staff, each an expert in their field whether in development, graphics, animation or marketing.

All business lines work together to provide you with the best product possible under the direction of a project manager attached to your casino.

Recognised experience

Since its inception, GAMING1 has successfully provided a dozen online gaming platforms and has developed around sixty games including many games which are specific to local markets such as Belgium or Spain.

GAMING1 also has extensive helpdesk experience and is able to provide support for your website's players.

Comprehensive support

GAMING1 has experience in launching and the turnkey management of several online casinos. That is how the company is able to provide you with the level of support that you wish, right up to a real turnkey service with support for players included.

A long-term partner

GAMING1 is positioned clearly as a long-term partner which enables you to develop your casino and thus to remain as close as possible to your players requirements, for example, by offering your games on tablets and smartphones.

Know-how in regulated markets

Although online gaming is legal, getting licenses means heavy and complex processes. GAMING1 makes your life easy by taking on all these processes.

GAMING1 is specialised in creating online casino platforms in the context of regulated markets. GAMING1 strives for real and sincere/fair win-win deals.

Our games