The Platform

GAMING1 has developed, using the latest technologies, its own online casino framework.

As a result, the company is able to offer its customers, a complete, high-performing and scalable gaming platform adapted to the specific characteristics of your local or regulated market.


The platform based on a modular architecture and can thus evolve over time with the operator's needs, changes to legislation or players' requirements.


The GAMING1‚Äč team works closely with your IT company or is responsible for managing the infrastructure hosting your online casino website. The platform is designed to work redundantly and thereby maximise the availability of your website.


All data flows between your players and your casino website use encrypted data via a SSL certificate Access to your back office is protected by a combination of login, password, IP control and physical token.

A few Functions

  • Progressive jackpots
  • Slot-machine tournaments
  • Live feed of large winnings
  • Award of bonuses
  • Management of users
  • Management of funds
  • Management of withdrawals
  • Fraud detection
  • Real-time statistics about players
  • Real-time monitoring of results
  • Data export for accounting
  • Affiliation Platform

Our games